Commercial Cleaning Services

Ensuring That Your Presence is Clean and Inviting


of consumers agree that VISUAL factors

…are the most important to them when looking to purchase a product. Boost your brands image today!


of all purchase decisions

…are made only after a customer physically enters the store. Therefore, once you have customers in the door, there is a good chance that they would be open to buying your services or products.

Pressure washing storefronts can make a profound effect on your business. Your cities residents know you by the way you look, their first impressions with your storefront and business can make a difference in someone doing business with you, or not. When you do pressure washing and exterior building cleaning, it makes the first impression that you give out, be the one that counts. We will often pressure wash (aka power wash) or soft wash all areas of the storefront so that your “curb appeal” is exactly what your customers are looking for.

Additionally, business sidewalks and storefronts can be pressure washed and made to look like new so that your clients feel at home. You want an excellent feel and look to your business and commercial property when it is pressure washed. Dirt, debris, gum and other natural and artificial contaminants can affect the way your property is viewed, however with correct pressure washing services, you can have and maintain a clean property.

Our Commercial Cleaning Promise

Integrity Curb Appeal is committed to giving you the highest quality of customer service. You can rely on us for your commercial cleaning, power washing, and pressure washing needs. We can help you to maintain a clean, safe and healthy environment in your home, office, commercial property.

Power washing is the most effective and efficient method of cleaning a building’s exterior. Pressure Washing  is also an effective method for wood & deck restoration, siding cleaning and hard surface cleaning. We also have proprietary detergents that kill the mold around your windows, on your deck, or sidewalk. We can sanitize the surfaces in your environment to give the longest time available between service intervals. So, hire us with the confidence that we will be able to best meet your entire exterior cleaning and Curb Appeal Service needs, professionally, affordably, and efficiently.

A Clean Storefront Is Good Business

A clean storefront can go a long way in creating a positive customer experience. When a customer feels at ease they are more likely to be in a buying mood, and putting them at ease starts before they even walk in the door. Our storefront cleaning service is exactly the service you need to keep your store looking presentable and inviting for new and current customers alike.

Storefront Cleaning and Pressure Washing

Your storefront is probably the biggest advertisement you can have for your business. To those who pass by, your storefront is your business and they will draw conclusions about it from the exterior appearance of your retail storefront. Everyday the weather can bring torrential downpours followed by extreme heat and sunshine, add to that a fair amount of foot traffic and you have the perfect recipe for dirt, mold and gum to build up rapidly around your storefront.

Parking Lots and Drive Thru's

Parking Lots can build up quite a large amount of debris and stains that aren’t the way the parking lot naturally looks. With our parking lot pressure washing and cleaning service, these situation can be avioded. Due to the recurrence of debris and stains from regular traffic, we also do regular pressure washing service for parking lots and businesses that get repeated traffic on these areas.

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