Wood Staining and Sealing Services

Deck or Fence cleaning, staining, and sealing services.

Kentucky Deck Refinishing, Staining, and Sealing

Here in our Kentucky climate, decks, railings and fences often turn gray from weather exposure, green from mildew and mold, or brown and black with dirt. Many of our power washing services will blast away residue, which temporarily restores the color but leaves the wood unprotected against rot and weather damage. Integrity Curb Appeal knows the proper way to refinish exterior woodwork, and we do not skip any steps to save time. Using expert techniques, low pressure equipment, and specialized detergents, we take the time to thoroughly prepare every surface—the only way to achieve a quality, lasting finish. Using the finest products, we stain and seal the surface to enhance and protect the inherent beauty of the woodgrain.
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Common Deck Stain Mistakes

The most common cause of complaint or premature failure in wood finishes is over-application. Many do-it-yourselfers are overzealous in their use of stains and sealers, causing significant problems in the refinished deck. Most deck finishes are designed to penetrate the wood surface and remain in the wood to provide long-lasting protection. Putting on too much of these coatings leads to a buildup of material, forming a film which can ultimately peel or crack.

Getting it all done at once

To protect your investment you must finish the deck surfaces. Proper preparation and application of a deck coating system will dramatically improve the appearance and extend the life of your deck. At Integrity Curb Appeal, we can professionally clean and pressure wash your deck before staining it. This ensures that your deck or fence is looking its best before it's sealed and protected.

ReadySeal Staining Products

Ready Seal Stain and Sealer for Wood is the best stain for protecting all your outdoor wood projects. Ready Seal wood stains are PROFESSIONAL GRADE wood stains, designed for professional results every time!

No Cracking, Chipping, Flaking or Peeling!

All Ready Seal wood stains penetrate deep into wood fibers, moisturizing the wood with water-proofing oils and creating a flexible barrier that keeps moisture out. Because no rigid film is formed on the surface, ReadySeal wood stains can flex with the woods expansion and contraction and will never crack, chip, flake or peel.

Goof Proof!

Typical wood stains require backbrushing, a process where you must smooth out unsightly runs, streaks and brush marks. Ready Seal wood stains are GOOF PROOF! No runs, laps or streaks ever!

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