McConnell Springs Park


McConnell Springs Park

McConnell Springs Park is a great place for a quick walk in the woods. It has a boiling natural spring, pond wetlands, and old buildings. The pond is a good spot to look for turtles and groundhogs.

Kentucky is filled with historic sites that allow you to step back in time but fewer provide the combination of history and natural beauty as this park has. We highly recommend it. You can return to our home page.

Horse Park

Whether you’re a local looking for a place to walk your dog, take a quick workout, or just want to enjoy a nice natural park, McConnell Springs Park is the spot. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone here, from a horse park to a pond with frogs and turtles, a log cabin and lean-to, and a gorgeous bur oak tree over 250 years old.

During the spring and summer, you can attend McConnell Springs’ Founders Day Celebration where you’ll experience life as it was in 1775 through demonstrations, period music, and educational activities. You can also visit “The Boils,” a unique karst feature where water bubbles up out of the ground.

This 225-acre city park offers paved walking trails, baseball fields, batting cages, disc golf, Frisbee golf, and a fenced dog area. It’s a great place to pack a picnic and spend the afternoon. The Legacy Trail (also called the Coldstream Park) connects this park to downtown Lexington and Cardinal Valley.

Dog Park

There are many great parks to visit in Lexington, but McConnell Springs Park is one of the best. It is a beautiful natural spring that offers walking trails and scenic scenery. It also has a playground, basketball court, and picnic area. This is a great place to visit with your family and pets.

The park is home to unique karst features, including sinking artesian springs. It is a hidden gem of the city and is perfect for those who are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Waveland State Historic Site is a good choice for those who want to explore Old Lexington’s history. It is an excellent choice for history buffs and families alike. The park is free to visit and is very well-maintained. There are a number of exhibits to explore, and visitors can walk the grounds at their leisure. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They can answer any questions and help you find the right activities for your family. Browse around this site.


The city of Lexington, Kentucky is renowned for its vibrant downtown and horse farms, but the area also offers a number of beautiful parks that offer an escape into nature. These parks provide a variety of opportunities for outdoor activities, exercise, and community bonding.

One of the best parks to visit in Lexington is McConnell Springs Park. This 26-acre natural pocket is home to unique karst features, including sinking artesian springs. It is also famous for being the location where the town of Lexington was named in 1775.

There are a number of walking trails in the park, most of which are paved. This makes the park suitable for strollers and wheelchairs. You can explore the pristine pond and look for critters in the water or head to “The Boils” spring, which gets its name due to its bubbling activity.

The park is open all year round. In the spring and fall, you can see the scenery at its most colorful, but there is something to enjoy in every season. Please keep the park clean by carrying out any trash you may find. Trash detracts from the beauty of the park and can also be a health hazard for other visitors.


There are hidden gems all over the Bluegrass, whether it’s a tiny town worth exploring or an enchanting natural area. Today we’re focusing on the latter, McConnell Springs Park, a 26-acre natural pocket within an industrial neighborhood where you can hike along sinking artesian springs, stone fences, and vestiges of historical buildings.

The park is named after the historic springs that William McConnell and his fellow settlers drank from in 1775, which led to the naming of Lexington. Over the years, the property has also served as a mill, distillery, and gunpowder factory before being swallowed by industrial development in the 1970s.

Thanks to the hard work of civic leaders, elected officials, and energized volunteers, it was eventually reclaimed as a city park and natural area, where the public can enjoy three water systems, a plethora of native plants and wildlife, and a nature education center. It’s a truly spectacular place that’s also home to an impressive horse stable, dog park, amphitheater + much more. Refer to This Web Page.


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