House Washing

What’s best for vinyl siding?

Low pressure, soft washing technique is the best way to clean vinyl siding. Do not allow an amateur the opportunity to damage your home. Incorrect cleaning can cause physical damage, hidden damage, mold growth among an array of other issues.

Commercial Services

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If you can’t answer each with a resounding yes, you need Integrity Curb Appeal Today to help revive your properties appearance.

Home Roof Renewal

What are the black roof stains?

Odds are, it’s Gleocapsa magma. Gloeocapsa magma is a species of cyanobacteria. The bacteria accumulate over time; this accumulation begins to show the problematic black stains as the cyanobacteria develop their dark and hard UV-protective outer coating.   Call us today and get a free soft washing evaluation and quote to fix your homes roof!

Pressure Washing Contractors

    concrete-renew-pressure-washing-integrity curb appeal service-pathway-driveway-sidewalk-patio

    We take your concrete pathways and driveways from looking old and dingy, to like it was almost brand new again! Call us to day to get your concrete refreshed and looking new again.


    Integrity Curb Appeal Lexington KY, Concrete Before Pressure Washing
    Integrity Curb Appeal Lexington KY, Concrete After Pressure Washing

    Concrete Stains

    What are those stains in driveways and sidewalks actually made of?
    • MOLD 30% 30%
    • MILDEW 25% 25%
    • FUNGUS 25% 25%
    • AUTO FLUIDS & MISC 20% 20%

    We can have your home looking great and safe for everyone...

    Our pressure washing (power washing), and soft washing services are the best in the industry and will dramatically improve your home’s concrete appearance.
    Choosing a pressure washing (power-washing, soft-washing) company is not as easy as should be.

    Why? Because not all Power Washing Contractors are the same.

    Here are a few things to consider:

    As you have read above you can see that Integrity Curb Appeal will sanitize the surface, while others will just clean it with pressurized water. What is the difference? Cleaning makes it look nice to the eye, sanitizing removes 99.9% of mold, viruses, and bacteria from the surface. Some areas are necessary to sanitize for the prevention of rapid mold regrowth.
    We believe the quicker we correctly complete the work, the more convenient for you. The quality and timeliness of job completion is determined by the tools used. There is no other contractor in the greater Lexington area that operates a mobile cleaning system that boasts our horsepower. We at Integrity Curb Appeal can do it right, faster than the competition to minimize your inconvenience.
    We promise you will be impressed with the level of respect, professionalism, and courtesy that you receive from Integrity Curb Appeal. Trust and respect are core to us as a business, and you will see that this is true in your interactions with our team members.
    Get the most for your buck. Our services are built around “cost of ownership”. For example, you may get a $199 bid for a competitor to wash your siding, and our bid may be $249. The difference? With the $199 job you may need to have this done annually, and it looks bad every year prior to the cleaning. Our job may last three years. Why? The sanitation process. Be sure your job proposals are “apples to apples” when comparing price.
    We are not a fly-by-night company with a hardware store pressure washer, trying to earn a few bucks. We at Integrity Curb Appeal have years of experience and belong to a nationwide network of pressure cleaning contractors. This is important to you because you do not want someone practicing on your personal property. Pressure washing equipment can cause injury and damage if not used properly.

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