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We can restore poured concrete, concrete pavers, tiles, brick and a host of other materials. The professional approach for the typical cleaning process is to use a high pressure surface cleaner. Surface cleaners spin at approximately 2000 rpm’s to ensure a smooth uniform finish. This method is superior to using a regular pressure washing gun as it does not leave a woven etched appearance upon the surface. We can utilize environmentally safe chemical solutions as a finishing touch for cleaning your flat concrete for incredibly bright driveways and walkways. Integrity Curb Appeal are the experts in the removal of many stains and contaminants on these surfaces. In many cases such as stones and pavers with polymeric sand or failing grout we can softwash them to minimize or prevent damage to the joining material.

Sealing Your Concrete?

Power Washing is absolutely necessary before sealing your driveway. Seal works by penetrating into the concrete, creating a barrier that keeps water, dirt, rust, and oil from penetrating into the concrete as well. Concrete driveways are very porous, making it easy for those to get trapped. If you do not power-wash the driveway first, then you are simply sealing over dirt, oil and rust. This will keep the sealer from penetrating into the concrete. The best way to clean concrete driveways is by applying the proper chemical for that stain. For instance, muriatic acid, when used in the right ratio at the right dwell time, can effectively release rust trapped in driveway concrete. Our services will in most cases restores concrete to “like new” condition.

Sidewalk Pressure Washing

Benefits of Cleaning and Sealing

Prolongs the Life of the Driveway
Prevents Water from Permeating Your Driveway
Repels oil spills and leaks
Easier to Clean

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