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Integrity Curb Appeal is committed to giving you the highest quality of customer service. You can rely on us for your commercial exterior cleaning, power washing, and pressure washing needs. We can help you to maintain a clean and bright exterior appearance to your place of business.

Soft washing is the most effective and efficient method of cleaning a building’s exterior. Soft Washing is also an effective method for wood & deck restoration, siding cleaning and hard surface cleaning. We also have proprietary detergents that kill the mold around your windows, on your deck, or sidewalks which can prevent them from getting slick by a buildup of algae. We can sanitize the surfaces in your environment to give the longest time available between service intervals. So, hire us with the confidence that we will be able to best meet your entire exterior cleaning and Curb Appeal Service needs, professionally, affordably, and efficiently.

Soft Washing Storefronts

A clean storefront will have a profound effect on your business. Your community first knows you by your appearance. Their first impressions of your storefront and business can make a difference in someone doing business with you, or not. When you keep the exterior of your place of business looking clean, bright and inviting it portrays a welcoming atmosphere. We will often restore all areas of your storefront to a like new bright appearance so that your “curb appeal” is exactly what your customers are looking for.

Additionally, business sidewalks and storefronts can be pressure washed and made to look new so that your clients feel at home. You want an excellent feel and look to your business and commercial property when it is pressure washed. Dirt, debris, gum, and other natural and artificial contaminants can affect the way your property is viewed, however with correct pressure washing services, you can have and maintain a clean and inviting property.

Before Washing

After Washing

Drive Thru Washing

Drive thru’s can build up quite a large amount of debris and stains that make a business look dingy, dirty and uninviting and inevitable cause guest erosion and decreased revenue if they are unmaintained. With our Drive thru pressure washing and cleaning service, this situation can be avoided. Due to the recurrence of debris and stains from regular traffic, we offer a recurring pressure washing service to keep you looking your best.

EIFS, Stucco and Dryvit Cleaning

We recommend soft wash cleaning EIFS surfaces every 24-48 months to prevent any of the contaminants from taking hold and etching into your EIFS, stucco or Dryvit exterior. With proper cleaning it is very likely that you can avoid expensive paint jobs and thereby save money over the life of your facility. Think about the ROI on this. If your exterior is regularly cleaned, it ALWAYS looks good and appears inviting thereby helping revenue. If it stays clean, you will not need to paint it which is very expensive because the Dryvit requires their proprietary finish system in order to maintain the warranty. Washing the exterior regularly could allow you to forego refinishing for more than 20 years in many cases. We don’t just clean the surface, we sanitize it to kill organisms like moss, lichen and algae which can ruin the surface causing severe damage.

Before Washing

After Washing

Awning Cleaning Service

Awnings are made to catch the rain and typically also catch a lot of the dirt from your building. In many cases they hold moisture and microorganisms such as algae, lichens, moss and mold find a suitable growing environment on their surface. We use a specific softwash cleaning method that aligns with the Sunbrella (The largest manufacturer awnings) recommended cleaning method to restore your awnings back to bright without shortening the lifespan of the material. We also offer Awning Sealing if the sealant on your awning is failing to help keep the water rolling off for years to come.

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After Washing

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