Roof Softwash – A Non-Hazardous Roof Cleaning Method

Roof Softwash – A Non-Hazardous Roof Cleaning Method

Unlike pressure washing, roof softwash relies on a moderate stream of water and specialized cleaning solutions. These non-hazardous cleaners kill mildew, mold, and algae, while also removing organic stains.

The specialized cleaners seep into cracks and crevices to clean nooks and crannies, as well as around flashing and the underside of roof tiles. This ensures the best possible cleaning without damaging the roof. Read this first!


Eco-friendly soft wash cleaners are made of biodegradable materials that dissolve dirt, mildew, moss, and lichen without damaging roof shingles. They also kill the bacteria that cause these organisms to grow, eliminating future discoloration and extending the lifespan of your roof. This cleaning process also uses less water than pressure washing, protecting plants in the surrounding areas and minimizing run-off into streams and ponds around your home.

Soft wash roof cleaning is better for the environment than traditional power washing because it does not use pressurized water. The cleaning solution is applied to the surface of the roof with low-pressure rinsing that is no stronger than the spray nozzle on a garden hose. The low-pressure rinse allows the cleaner to seep into cracks and crevices where mold, mildew, moss, lichen, and fungus are often hiding.

A dirty, dingy roof is an eyesore, but it can also affect the health and safety of your family. In addition, a dark roof attracts more sunlight than a clean one and drives up your summer energy costs. The spores, cells, and roots of algae, fungus, moss, and mildew can damage shingles and shorten their life expectancy, but regular soft-washing will keep them at bay. This prevents expensive and environmentally harmful repairs or replacements and makes your house more attractive to potential buyers.


The chemicals used in soft wash roof cleaning are safe for your home’s shingles, and they won’t harm the plants below your roof. They’re also safer than pressure washing, which can cause leaks in your home. Soft wash also prevents abrasion to shingles, which can reduce the life expectancy of your roof.

Regular cleaning of your roof can help to keep it from becoming infested with mold, mildew, fungus, and moss. These organisms can cause serious damage to a roof and can shorten its life expectancy. A soft wash roof cleaning process kills these organisms without damaging shingles or voiding the warranty.

Soft wash roof cleaning uses a non-hazardous, biodegradable chemical solution that can be sprayed onto your roof and left to soak in. The solution will remove and kill spores, mildew, algae, lichen, and moss. It also dissolves and washes away thick dirt, grit, and residue from your shingles. Specialized cleaners can even seep into cracks and crevices around the flashing and the chimney. The cleaners can be drained through collection bags to minimize standing water runoff. The Benz “Clean & Maintain” Softwash system uses the non-hazardous cleanser, Bio Cleanze, which doesn’t need to be rinsed and penetrates between the shingles and tiles more effectively than other products.


When used properly, roof softwash is an effective cleaning method that can get rid of the dirt, grime, mildew, mold, and other growths clinging to your home’s exterior. It can also kill the invasive plant organisms that cause deterioration of your shingles and void your warranty.

The specialized cleansers in soft washing are safe for most roofing surfaces and will not damage paint. They contain surfactants that help to loosen grit and debris from shingles while removing organic growths like mildew, mold, algae, and moss. They also contain bleach and algaecides, which are powerful and safe sanitizers that can remove harmful bacteria that cause roof deterioration.

This non-hazardous mixture is injected into your roof and slowly seeps into the cracks and crevices, where it can clean the underside of shingles and other roof materials. It also seeps into the nooks and crannies around flashing to remove any debris and clean the surface underneath.

This technique is also safer than traditional pressure washing because it uses much lower water pressure. It also prevents water runoff into streams or ponds around your house and protects the plants and flora on your property. It is important to hire a professional who has the experience and knowledge to use this gentle but effective cleaning method. Check this out!

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